Meet the bloggers

Our bloggers come from all walks of life, and each shines a light on a different area of the OMD Germany experience: from our planning teams to our people team, or SEO to summer parties.

Sascha Dolling

Managing Partner Data Driven Marketing, OMD5 Articles

Tanja Loehmann

Director Insight Planning / OMD Hamburg3 Articles

Marco Schierhorn

Managing Partner Marketing Technology3 Articles

Stefan Hezel

Managing Partner3 Articles

Dennis Wittenbrink

Director Product & Development2 Articles

Christjan Esch

Managing Director OMD2 Articles

Fabian Noethe

Managing Partner Brand Experience2 Articles

Selina Werthschulte

Director Client Service2 Articles

Lukas Brocks

Deputy Director Insight Planning, OMD +49 40 284 53 63 86 Lukas.Brocks@omd.com2 Articles

Benjamin Becker

Managing Partner Business Development ppa., Omnicom Media Group2 Articles

Frank Knebel

Deputy Managing Director OMD Hamburg1 Articles

Peter Kupfer

Director Data Analytics1 Articles

Hannes Carl Meyer

Managing Partner People Based Marketing, Annalect1 Articles

Jens Depenau

Director Data Consulting1 Articles

Frank Haendler

Frank Händler analysiert bei OMD als Managing Partner Insights die Wirksamkeit verschiedener Marketingmaßnahmen und macht dabei Zusammenhänge sichtbar, die unseren Kunden dabei helfen, ihre Kampagnen zu optimieren. So gelingt es Frank und seinem Team den Wert der Kommunikation unserer Kunden nachweisbar zu steigern. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit unseren weiteren OMD-Experten entwickelt Frank Services und Lösungen wie den Algo Planner, um so die Ergebnisse seiner Forschungsarbeit operational anwendbar zumachen.1 Articles

Christoph Lindenberg

Director Digital Strategy1 Articles

Jannik Reuter

Junior Referent Digital1 Articles

Sebastian Ludwig

Group Head SEO, Resolution Media1 Articles

Thomas Hinkel

COO OMD Germany1 Articles

Sascha Jansen

Chief Digital Officer Omnicom Media Group Germany1 Articles

René Coiffard

Alexander Nenstedt

Als Head of Dynamic Creative Optimization (kurz: DCO) treibt Alexander Nenstedt die Weiterentwicklung und Implementierung des Bereiches „Massenpersonalisierte Kommunikation“ bei OMD voran. Als ausgewiesener DCO-Experte gelingt es ihm, durch den gezielten Einsatz von dynamischen Werbemitteln im Rahmen einer hochgradig personalisierten Ansprache die Effizienz von Kampagnen zu steigern. Mit seiner langjährigen Erfahrung und seinem fundierten Spezialwissen im Bereich DCO steht er unseren Kunden jeder Zeit beratend zur Seite.1 Articles

Negin Khaladj

Director Activation1 Articles

Christian Seemann

Managing Director1 Articles

Peter Steffens

Director Strategy, Data & Tech, OMD Düsseldorf1 Articles

Nina Harpeng

Senior Executive Insight Planning1 Articles

Christian Fecke

Group Manager Brand Experience1 Articles

Klaus Stinnertz

Managing Partner Insight Planning1 Articles

Petra Slomke

Head of E-Commerce1 Articles

Bastian Kawaters

Managing Partner Client Service1 Articles

Christian Franzen

Managing Director, OMD Düsseldorf1 Articles

Francesco Hernandez

Alex Galert

CEO bei TechFunder1 Articles

Nikki Mendonça

Marketing expert Nikki Mendonça is EMEA president of OMD, the world's largest media communications company, whose clients include McDonald's, PepsiCo, Carlsberg and Walt Disney. It was recently named the world's most creative and innovative global network by the industry standard Gunn Report for Media for the tenth successive year. Mendonça joined OMD 13 years ago after stints at ad agency Leo Burnett and Capital Radio and currently presides over more than 5,000 employees based in more than 80 offices in 63 markets.

Virginia Alvarez

Virginia, Insight Director at OMD Germany, joined the OMD family nearly 9 years ago. Based in London, she is responsible for delivering best in class insights across all OMD key clients. She also works closely with Jean-Paul Edwards in developing and servicing new Insight and business knowledge products across the network.

Jean-Paul Edwards

Jean-Paul has been with OMD for 20 years. He founded Manning Gottlieb OMD’s Digital team in 1997 and then led the agency Media Futures offering. He now works at OMD Germany to drive development of the network’s offering in a digitally led, data-centric media environment. Outside of work Jean-Paul is kept busy by three children, he is a keen skier and reader across a wide range of embarrassingly geeky topics.

Martin Redigolo

Martin is a Senior Strategy & Innovation Planner at OMD Madrid. He works with both local and regional clients, as well as actively collaborates with the ideas accelerator dots by OMD ( which connects start-ups and brands to create the future of marketing and communications. In his free time, Martin also writes a weekly inspirational newsletter, stuff, covering business, design & technology -

Jack Davidson

Jack is a Creative Strategist, with a passion for ideas and technology. He specialises in digital strategy and product ideation – building insights into effective, innovative solutions for clients. Prior to joining Mobile5 he worked in digital development at DMG Media, reimagining print titles for a mobile audience. When not planning mobile campaigns he likes to preach the virtues of Virtual Reality and dream about owning an Oculus Rift.

Caroline Clancy

Head of Tech Innovation at Manning Gottlieb OMD

Oliver Mohr

Managing Director

Jean-Yves Destandau

Jean-Yves joined OMD France as Strategic Planning Director 5 years ago, after an interesting journey in advertising that has him say that his job is about identifying meaningful correlations, meaningful correlations between brands and consumers, offer and demand, demand and desire. In nearly 3 decades in media & advertising, he has been working on some of the most prominent advertisers locally and internationally. He embraces every new challenge with an open and inquisitive mind anchored in the paradox of no-nonsense approach and bar-none possibilities.

Nil Thyrion is a French Graphic Designer with over seven years experience in the creative industry. At OMD Germany Nil supports the efficient running of the inhouse design teams and develops creative concepts to share with all international OMD Germany client teams.

Steve Blakeman

Steve Blakeman is the Managing Director - Global Accounts, OMD Europe. Previously, he was the CEO, Asia Pacific – OMD. Prior to that, he was Global Chief Integration Strategy Officer (Asia Pacific) for IPG Mediabrands (Initiative & Universal McCann). He has also had stints as worked as Managing Partner at Omnicom Media Group owned media agency, PHD where he successfully launched their second office in the UK. He began his career at JWT and has over two decades of experience in advertising, media and marketing communications.

John Dore

John is an International Managing Partner based in London. His career began working within full service media agencies, and now he currently leads and manages a number of global brands such as Carlsberg, Intel and Nissan-Infiniti. John’s main experience leads with developing innovative central communication and media strategies, ensuring best practise and consistency across markets and leading senior clients through changes in communication approach and process, especially in digital.

Carolyn Odgers

Carolyn has been with OMD Germany for 5 years – having initially started on a 4-month freelance contract as a strategy lead on client business! Carolyn is now the Communications and Development Director – with responsibility for marketing the company and helping to develop and grow its offering. As part of this, she ran the Future of Ireland – including securing sponsorship of the project. She is passionate about discovering what drives people to behave the way they do.

Kristy Bauld

Kristy Bauld is Creative Director at OMD with a wealth of experience in concept development, retail and creative technology. She has worked in-house for Burberry, Selfridges and Red Bull.

Akguen Karakas

Managing Director

Myriam Fernandez

Myriam is a natural born researcher helping to bring the voice of the customer into our clients’ business. Well rounded in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, Myriam pursues research to understand what people do and the whys behind it.

Rob Hyde

Rob Hyde began his career in the music industry during the Cretaceous period of social media, back when e-cards and Myspace pages roamed the earth. Rob has since worked within the digital and social media space for over 10 years with agencies such as Holler and We Are Social working across a diverse portfolio of global brands such as Red Bull, Heineken, Bulmers and IKEA. Rob joined the OMD Create team in Kings Cross back in January 2016 as Content Director, and lives in South London with a cat called Roy.

Matt Jones

Mobile strategy Director, Manning Gottlieb OMD

Mainardo de Nardis

As CEO of OMD Worldwide, Mainardo is delivering on an aggressive agenda for the global network: one agency unified by an ambitious vision and one way of working across geographies. The former CEO of both Aegis Media and Mediaedge:cia worldwide, Mainardo brings with him a wealth of proven experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Alex Findlay

Senior Business Development Manager, OMD Germany. Having worked at OMD for almost all her working life, Alex has watched with fascination as the industry has changed before her eyes and is proud to play her part in keeping OMD at the cutting edge of innovation as it transforms into a marketing performance company.

Richard Addington

Richard has been working with OMD since 2008. He is currently leading the PepsiCo beverages portfolio in the MENA region. Known for his expertise in football and music, Richard has been a key driver of creativity and always pushes to deliver on business objectives.

Alex Newman

Alex is Head of Mobile across OMD Germany and leads our approach to ‘mobility’. He manages a team of 65 that spans the region and delivers mobile-centric technologies, products and innovative business solutions for our clients. Alex has been shaping and developing all OMD companies approach to mobility, helping develop a product set that ensures we are able to lead the conversation and advise our multi-national clients on how to maximize new business opportunities offered by today’s rapidly developing mobile technologies.

Alexandra Bätjer-Gleitsmann

Director Brand & Marketing, OMD

Fadi Maktabi

With over 10 years of experience in media and marketing, Fadi Maktabi has developed a skillset for driving clients’ businesses forward with integrated marketing and communications planning. After graduating from the American University of Beirut in 2006, Fadi joined OMD UAE to work on the PepsiCo account and quickly excelled at growing the business. In 2009, Fadi moved to OMD Cairo to lead the account for North Africa. Throughout his tenure in the business, Fadi developed the account from a primarily offline one to the integrated approach that is used to manage its communications planning today. In 2012, Fadi returned to OMD’s MENA headquarters to manage the PepsiCo business for the entire region, overseeing 14 markets and 19 brands in the portfolio. Over the years, Fadi has strived to bridge the gap between offline and online media, while ensuring that brand strategies are kept at the heart of every marketing initiative. Today, he extends this skillset and experience in every single market to provide strategic outlooks for all client portfolios at OMD MENA.